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This appointment includes a full health history review, physical exams as needed, and an acupuncture treatment if you and the physician agree to begin your care plan. All new patients are required to have this visit.


These appointments are for established patients.


Your Licensed Acupuncturist will meet with you to create a customized herbal formula that will best fit your needs.


This service is designed to treat scars of many types no matter how fresh or old they are. Using a proprietary method, your Acupuncturist will create a scar protocol unique to you that will soften adhesions, lessen the appearance, and decrease or eliminate any pain associated with that scar. Post-surgical, injury related, and Cesarean scars are examples of scars that respond well to this therapy. This treatment works best when performed in a series although immediate changes will be noted during individual sessions.


This service uses the Traditional Chinese Medicine method of fire cupping or other methods. Glass cups are applied to different parts of the body using a safe and special technique to create a vacuum in the cups. Cupping is used to treat a variety of ailments such as soft tissue injuries, chronic pain, upper respiratory infections, and sports injuries by increasing blood flow and reducing fascial restrictions in affected areas. This therapy is not appropriate for everyone and must be approved by your Acupuncture Physician before making an appointment as a standalone service.


This service is performed using Tuning Forks that have been specially created and tuned according to acupuncture theory. The forks are placed on acupuncture/acupressure points and are enjoyed by people of all ages. This service is beneficial for those who prefer a needle free treatment.


This service combines Acupuncture points with proven and safe injections administered by your Acupuncture Physician. Through Biopuncture, your Physician is able to inject vitamins (Vitamin B, Vitamin D, B Complex, etc.), homeopathics, minerals, and other neutraceuticals.


We offer specialized styles of Massage Therapy such as Hot Stones, NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT), Trigger Point Therapy, Prenatal, Swedish Relaxation, and Sports Therapy. Your LMT (Licensed Massage Therapist) will work with you on creating the perfect treatment plan for your needs.





All fees are due at the time of service. Fees are subject to change without notice. Insurance is not accepted and will not be billed through our office. Cash, checks, Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, and HSA accounts are all acceptable forms of payment. 

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