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Rotator Cuff, Stress

“This fall I thought I had torn my rotator cuff, but all my symptoms did not fit for a rotator cuff injury. A good friend recommended Selena. With each session my arm improved. But we also realized that my condition was probably due to stress. I have always been healthy, but the reality that stress can now manifest in a physical

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UTIs, severe low back and leg pain, fatigue, chills

“I have a 20 yr. history of complicated UTIs ( severe low back and leg pain, fatigue, chills). After weeks of no relief from muscle relaxants and opioids, the urology RNP suggested acupuncture. During my first treatment all symptoms disappeared! Amazing! Before spring gardening Selena did preventive treatment on my hands and, for the first time in years, I worked

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Reduce Stress, Better Sleep, Quit Smoking

“Wu Hu Acupuncture has greatly helped me to reduce stress in my life. I have noticed an improvement in my sleep. The herbs and Hydrobotanical Therapy have also helped me to reach my goal of quitting smoking.” – C.A.

No longer ache

“I went into the Wu Hu acupuncture program with not a great deal of faith – But that’s all changed now! My feet and legs no longer ache and hurt all the time due to neuropathy!”

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