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Acupuncture In Orange Park, FL

Selena Barbieri (Wooley), AP

Are you ready to live a life free from pain? Is there a health issue you have that no one else has been able to figure out or help you with? Do you have trouble sleeping, issues with your digestive system, high stress and anxiety levels, or suffer from headaches or migraines? If any of those questions resonate with you, then you are an excellent candidate for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Contact our office today to set up your consultation to see how acupuncture can help you live a pain free, healthy life.

Acupuncture for Kids

Most kids, as well as a lot of adults, are afraid of needles. So the pairing of acupuncture and kids might not be an obvious one. However, more and more parents are seeking alternative methods of treatment for their children, because our conventional medical system is faltering a bit. Pharmaceuticals are proving to be more harmful than beneficial for

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3 Reasons Acupuncture Supports Couples Facing Infertility

When you consider all the changes in our agricultural practices, the increased number of medications we take, as well as our dependence on plastic and technology that is constantly emitting low-grade radiation, it’s no surprise more couples are having trouble conceiving. Current statistics show one in six couples who are trying to conceive are facing fertility issues. And while

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Five Self Care Tips for Fall

Fall is a favorite season for many people. The weather starts getting a little cooler, things are beginning to slow down and preparations for the holidays are in full swing. For many others, fall is not so festive. Many people get sick during the fall months, allergies can flare up for some, and many don’t like the steady

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