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Acupuncture In Orange Park, FL

Selena Barbieri (Wooley), AP

Are you ready to live a life free from pain? Is there a health issue you have that no one else has been able to figure out or help you with? Do you have trouble sleeping, issues with your digestive system, high stress and anxiety levels, or suffer from headaches or migraines? If any of those questions resonate with you, then you are an excellent candidate for acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine. Contact our office today to set up your consultation to see how acupuncture can help you live a pain free, healthy life.

How to Stay Healthy As Winter Changes to Spring

For most people, the change of seasons from winter to spring is something to look forward to. But it also means a time when people tend to get sick or seasonal allergies start to flare up. This can make things miserable for a lot of people. As the weather fluctuates between freezing cold and warmer, sunnier days, it

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Food Color and Nutrition

In Chinese medical theory, food is considered medicine. Food has qualities and functions biochemically and energetically that target specific organs. Not only that, but the action a particular food takes to benefit that organ in terms of taste, color and temperature is what is included in Five Element theory. Food has a relationship to both the natural elements

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Moxibustion and Dysmenorrhea

A study conducted by Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has determined that the use of moxibustion at specific days during a woman’s menstrual cycle can decrease pain associated with menstruation. Dysmenorrhea or painful menstruation is a big problem for many women. This study used moxibustion, an accessory modality of TCM, to treat the pain associated with menstruation. The

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